Construction type depends on the location, e.g., cyclone conditions (Far North Queensland), multi-level, or standard raft slab on ground, often using timber driven piles or bored concrete piers, depending on the geotechnical and engineering assessment

Cyclonic Conditions

We design all of our buildings in cyclone prone regions using Core Filled Concrete Block External Walls, and the truss roof attached to the concrete core filled walls by a metal bracket bolted to the truss. Internal walls are attached to the slab from the top plate of the wall frame with threaded rod attached to the concrete slab. Windows and Frames are designed accordingly. In addition, we design the electrical system to be connected by generator , providing almost instantaneous cutover to diesel power in the case of electrical outage.

Multi Level Construction

We have used various types of Multi Level Construction using concrete tilt panels and floors integrated using slabs supported by form work.
In one instance when we encountered a flood prone site that required an overland flow of water under the building we designed the building on bored reinforced concrete piers, supporting an edge beam, that in turn supported concrete panels, with corbels that supported precast floor panels that were then supplied with a reinforced concrete topper slab. This enabled quick construction of a 3 storey building


All sites and services required are considered differently at each site after discussion with local fire authorities and water boards. In many instances we are required to provide supplementary water tanks & diesel fire pumps to supplement the local town water supply.

In other situations we installed a reverse osmosis system for protection of resident health and safety when the local water authority reported high levels of salinity in its local water supply. This testing enabled the operator to safeguard residents’ health and safety and also safeguarded our plumbing fixtures and fittings from corrosion.

IT & Data Infrastructure

All Croft homes are supported by high level of IT infrastructure. Data Cabling is terminated in data racks and provision is made for extensive Wifi capability throughout the home using Fortinet or Cisco technology